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Veteran Trees

Crab Apple.  With a very high pectin content, Crab Apples are ideal for jams and jellies.

Newton Wonder. 19th Century apple tree. Good for juicing.

Bens Red. Good quality eating apple.

Bramleys. Red/green cooking apple.

Dr Harvey. 16th Century cooking apple.

Star of Devon. Good for Chutney and Cider.

Beurre Clairgeau (tbc). Excellent culinary and juicing pear.

Benheim Orange. Excellent local multi-purpose Apple Tree.

Ribston Pippin. ‘Parent’ of Coxes Orange Pippin.

Beurre Clairgeau.  Excellent culinary and juicing pear.

Young Trees

Dymock Red.  A very old vintage cider apple from Dymock, Glos.

Herefordshire Russet.  Eating Apple. Excellent flavour.

James Grieve.  Dual purpose eating/cooking apple.

Kingston Black.  One of the premier English cider varieties; producing a bitter-sharp juice.

Black walnut.  A vigorous, deciduous plant with excellent nuts.

Winter Gem.  An excellent eating apple with a rich flavour reminiscent of its famous parent variety 'Cox's Orange Pippin'.

Taynton Codlin.  An acidic cooking or cider apple from the village of Taynton, Oxon.

Ashmead’s Kernel.  A firm, crisp, juicy, sugary, rich and highly aromatic apple.

Rhead’s Reinette. Thought to be a cross between Peasgood’s Nonsuch and Ribston Pippin. A large, sweet, early to middle culinary apple, good for baking and purees.

Chaceley Kernel.  One of the finest aromatic flavoured apples with a sweet-sharp taste.

Black Worcester pear.  A very old variety of uncertain origin possibly dating back to Roman times. Mainly used for cooking. A keeper which stays sound up to February.


NB:  There are more than one of some varieties and a number of the veteran trees have yet to be identified.

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